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What makes SiliconUMDF the most advanced market data API?

It’s the details, performance, and stability. It’s the fact that you can exploit the full power of FPGA technology in a production-ready and certified solution. That you can work with multiple handlers accessing the card, as simple as a socket call. And that you can filter the market data and manage the order book in ways that allow trading strategies to receive only the relevant data with deterministic performance even during the most demanding market bursts.

All the ultra-low latency you want. Deterministically.

Physically, SiliconUMDF is a PCI Express card that you insert into your trading servers to process market data at link speed. You can start the card using the available API in several applications at the same time. When you do it, you just subscribe what symbols and MDEntries (quotes only, trades only) that interest you. That means a fraction of the feed has to be transported to the operating system. SiliconUMDF also provides seamless integration with FPGA through kernel bypass and zero copy capabilities, which means fantastic determinism and incredibly ultra-low latency even during market spikes. All work is done in hardware: UDP stack, packet parser, FAST decoder, data filtering, and normalization.

We are pretty serious about latency, and we are always designing new methods to reduce and measure it more accurately. Therefore, we provide in our API a measurable latency interface. It’s possible to track the latency in your application, which makes it a powerful tool to fine-tune your trading strategy.



Since April 2012 in production at B3 co-location.

Designed with reliability in mind.

SiliconUMDF is designed from the ground up to achieve the highest possible speed when processing and distributing real-time market data. The proprietary technology developed is hardened against glitches or transmission errors and is fully monitored in a real-time production environment. SiliconUMDF is the fastest certified market data solution commercially available in B3 (former BM&FBOVESPA) and CME exchanges. We are proud to have been in production without any glitches since 2012.

SiliconFeeder: the next generation of feed handlers.

SiliconFeeder is a fully managed feed handler solution for B3 (former BM&FBOVESPA) exchange. It’s a mixed hardware/software product that benefits from our core proprietary FPGA technology to deliver an unprecedented low latency for this class of applications. We provide reliable, uninterrupted, and easy-to-use FIX protocol connectivity. We capture the best technology and use it to design SiliconFeeder. Taking in a normalized market from FPGA, it provides data collection using real-time in-memory databases and distribution services directly with FIX messaging.

GetUMDF: we’ve built the market time machine.

GetUMDF is software that automatically stores the whole tick-by-tick raw market data from B3 (former BM&FBOVESPA) across all asset classes for backtesting purposes. What makes GetUMDF different from any other historical market data solution, though, is that not only does it keep a spare copy of feeds, it also provides high-quality market data feeds. This means full order depth, message precedence, and data integrity—it can even fetch in real time missed messages by TCP Recovery. All data is stored in PCAP format, so we also provide an extensive API that enables all market data handling and order book management. GetUMDF allows users to rewind and re-examine the intraday order book at any point in time. To review missed opportunities or confirm execution quality, users can navigate through time and replay events, speed them up or slow them down.

Order Entry

SiliconORS is our minimalist approach to FIX Engine.

For us, minimalism in code is about offering up the right things, right when you need them, and nothing more. With this concept in mind, we developed SiliconORS, our order router system and FIX Engine.

The power of simplicity.

SiliconORS is a high-performance, FPGA-based and multiplatform API offering a fast start to FIX-enable trading and order management, decreasing your time to market and reducing the cost of deployment of critical trading infrastructure. It is compatible with Linux and Windows, in C++ and C#, specially designed for ultra-low latency trading infrastructure. It is preconfigured for and certified with B3 (former BM&FBOVESPA) or CME, made to reduce the development burden in customizing your application for specific venues. SiliconORS combines a fast and reliable FIX Engine with an extensive dedicated order router system. We take care of all aspects of latency since we designed an innovative coding method based on reference messages to take the small path to exchange. In addition, we code fast-dedicated parsers to reduce time processing returned Execution Report messages.

Want to talk about a custom solution? Contact us to discuss about it.


Made by scientists for your ultra-low latency needs.

Our roots are in high-performance computing and microelectronics, which instilled us with some important lessons about the process of creating specific niche solutions: how to make things different than usual; that imagination should be tempered by practical engineering; and that no matter how fast the solution is it only works if it is reliable.

8 years and running.

We started the business back in 2009 (we used to be called Molecular Biology on Chip) because we developed high-performance appliances for the biotechnology industry. Since 2012, we have changed our business focus for capital markets after the commercial success of SiliconUMDF and because of our commitment to provide a top-notch product and technical support. Over the years, we’ve been privileged to earn the repeat business of loyal customers, including some of the world’s largest proprietary trading firms, multimarket funds (so called fundos multimercado, which come closest to hedge funds in Brazil), and small investors.

We are here to help.

If you have a general question for us, just drop us an email at hello@mbochip.com. If you’d like to become a customer, we’d love to show you how our products can help. Either way, thanks for getting to know us better.


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